Disaster Relief & Debris Removal

When disaster strikes, Lightning Bay Industrial has the capacity and equipment to complete medium to large scale cleanup jobs at competitive prices.

In the unfortunate event of a disaster, whether it is man-made or natural, have the ease of mind knowing that Lighting Bay Industrial (LBI) is available to help with the devastation.  We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to safely complete the task of clean-up and debris removal.

We can mobilize a professional crew to provide environmental services for initial cleanup or longer-term cleanup services for recovery and post-disaster management.

When disaster strikes, you rely on someone with the competence, capacity and commitment to respond quickly.

  • Disaster management and relief services

  • Debris management

  • Construction Management and Demolition

  • Landfill management Civil

  • Storm Debris

  • Road Debris

  • Derbis Processing

  • Debris Disposal